We are proud of our award winning series Crash which in 2020 won gold in the world's largest film festival specializing in films about sustainability and green energy.

Safety is the first priority for every company.
LM Wind Power wants to elevate the priority into becoming a company value, making everyone think about safety as something they want to do, instead of something they must do.

Therefore Crash the Dummy is born as the symbol of safety awareness in LM Wind Power.
Crash is an experienced and very disciplined worker coming from the automotive industry.
He does exactly what he is told almost without thinking.
Crash is like a baby and parents wants to do everything to keep the baby safe. But there is no manual or work instruction to follow for every situation, only a genuine preoccupation to take care of the baby.

The goal of the Crash campaign is a cultural change where everyone has a genuine preoccupation to keep each other safe.

Behind any accident there is a Crash, there is a person, a colleague that just want to do a good job.
But a real person gets a real injury. Crash just get a new spare part and is ready for work again tomorrow.