ECCO is a global family of shoemakers.


The passion for craftmanship has always been the point of departure in the creation of amazing ECCO shoes. Focus is unwaveringly maintained on quality and close attention to detail - from the early scetches of a design to the actual launching of a new model in ECCO shops around the world. 


ECCO is the only shoe producer in the world that produeces shoe leather in their own tanneries - and all shoes are produced in production companies owned solely by ECCO.

Through the years, the ECCO philosophy has alway remained the same: produce shoes that fit the foot, not the other way around.


LeadIT are proud to be associated with ECCO - our collaboration has presented us with assigements that have challenged us to push our boudaries, and we are proud to have been able to meet the requirements succesfully. The result is a broad range of films on multiple aspects of the global ECCO activities. The trademark of the films has been a steady focus on communicating the unique spirit that characterises the company, at any and all locations - from tanneries to high street shops.


ECCO's heritage and history constitute a unique and strong foundation - especially because the spirit behind the global corporate succes has been passed on by the family behind ECCO. The family has succesfully spread the visions of the founder to their locations over the entire world.


LeadIT produced the ECCO Anniversary film, in connection with ECCO's 50th anniversary in 2013. Visit and see clips that we have produced for ECCO. We are not able to offer viewings of the film from our website - all viewings of the material are referred to ECCO's own web site.